Why choose RETRON ?

To understand our customer needs is our pleasure.

Aside of its easy process, RETRON gives you profitable solution for your business and company in recycling e-waste.
Such as electronics, IT assets, data center, and anything that needs electricity. Please do contact us if you have further questions regarding e-waste.

RETRON recycling operation is held by professional technicians with international standard.

In addition, you can read the full report of your e-waste transparently. All actions are legitimate and certified governed by Republic of Indonesia Law together with our affiliate partner.

Who are our customers?

You, your business, and everyone could use our service to handle e-waste in responsible way. No matter how small or big it is, you are completely welcome. Here are some of our customers:

  • Company
  • Hospital
  • Non-Governmental Organization
  • Schools and University
  • House
  • Etc.